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Orthotic Footwear from firstSTREET

Whole-body comfort starts with happy feet!

Treat your feet to the relaxation and comfort they need after a long day. If you have shin, heel, or knee pain, or even arthritic feet and ankles, these specially designed shoes and slippers are just for you. Here are some of the slippers and walking shoes for men and women, each one designed specifically  to relieve pressure and pain throughout your lower body.

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The Benefit of Orthotic Shoes

Unisex Orthotic Slides 

When your done with outdoor activities, exercising, and sports therapies, your feet are as tired as could be. Slip on these orthopedic slides and your feet will instantly be surrounded by soft, supportive cushioning. Featuring a built in motion controlling footbed, the deep heel cup provides support and aligns your legs to their natural position.

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Unisex Orthotic Slides from firstSTREET

 Lightweight and flexible, these slippers are designed for both men and women. A padded, adjustable upper provides a comfortable, custom fit. The sole features a highly tactile tread for maximum traction over a variety of surfaces. Best of all, the unique built-in angles and contours gently align your body into the proper position, alleviating pressure points. A “his and her” pair of Unisex Orthotic Slides make a great Christmas gift for grandparents!

Women’s Orthotic Slippers

For the indoors, these specially designed slippers provide so much support and comfort, you’ll never want to leave the house! The 100% polyester terry cloth material is soft and durable, and each slipper can be adjusted with a hook-and-loop closure. If you have flat feet, or experience ankle or knee pain, these slippers were made for you. Orthopedic angles and contours ensure for proper support and alignment.

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Women's Orthotic Slides

Men’s Orthotic Walkers

These podiatrist-designed walking shoes relieve foot pain and pressure by providing support for a more natural walking motion. Since feet were designed to walk on uneven surfaces, our feet can develop problems over time as we walk on uniformly flat surfaces. The unique cushion and contours of these shoes support your feet in all the right places, just as the natural ground would do.

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Men's Orthotic Walkers from firstSTREET

Designed to treat a number of conditions including fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, and pronation. Seniors are most at risk for these types of conditions which are not considered during the design of ordinary shoes.

Women’s Orthotic Walkers

Featuring the same orthotic insoles as the Men’s version, the Women’s Walkers feature distinctive styling. The deep heel cup supports feet, ankles, and lower legs, accommodating for some of the most common conditions experienced by seniors. Durable soles for high traction on a variety of surfaces, and soft fabric lining inside for comfort against your skin. Specially designed angles and contours throughout, owning these shoes is like walking on a cloud.

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Women's Orthotic Walkers from firstSTREET

With the unique orthopedic shoes from firstSTREET, you or your loved ones can enjoy a more natural, pain-free posture and gait.


Gifts for Outdoor Living

Unique items to make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable

Whether you’re gardening, enjoying nature, or just relaxing on a sunny day, these selected items from firstSTREET are sure to please. We are constantly adding new products to make life easier, and these are specifically designed to help maintain your yard and garden, and at the same time allowing you, your family, and your friends to enjoy it.

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Garden Groom Midi from firstSTREET

The Garden Groom

The Garden Groom Midi and the Garden Groom Pro are the world’s first self-collecting hedge trimmer. With a unique self-enclosed cutting system, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as well as the chance of accidentally cutting the power cord. At around 6lbs., the Garden Groom is as light as a feather as you move it across your hedges. The Midi Size features a 9″ cutting surface while the Pro size features a 12″ cutting surface. Both models finely chop your trimmings for easy use in a compost pile or for mulch. The Garden Groom makes an excellent gift for people who love to keep their yard looking great.

3-Tier Patio Garden

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Patio Garden from firstSTREET

Is your garden space limited? Maybe the residential community doesn’t allow gardening? With this unique multi level system, you can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers right on your deck or patio. Best of all, there is an integrated root system to help prevent drying out as well as overwatering. Built-in wheels let you move the unit around as the sun’s angle changes. Unique gift for those in apartments and other limited spaces.

EZ Gazebo

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EZ Gazebo from firstSTREET

Rather than spend a fortune on backyard construction, consider this rugged collapsable gazebo. Perfect for entertaining, this no-tools-required gazebo can be set up and put away easily and quickly. The steel powder-coated frame is rust resistant, and will last for many seasons to come. For over 100 square feet of portable, weather resistant space, the EZ Gazebo is what you need!

Metal Folding Bench with Bird Motif

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Metal Folding Bench with Bird Motif

Do you have a perfect spot in your yard or garden for a comfortable and attractive bench? Our uniquely designed folding bench features a classic bird design, and is made to bear the elements. At the end of the season, you can fold it up for easy storage.

Reel Mower

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Reel Mower from firstSTREET

Introducing an easy-push mower that will almost never need sharpening! In fact, it is estimated to last 8-10 years before it is necessary. With a unique scissor cutting motion, there is less friction against each blade than traditional reel mowers, eliminating the need to sharpen. Featuring a 16″ cutting path and 10″ sturdy wheels, you’ll experience easier mowing than ever before. We also carry the optional grass clipping attachment.

Introducing the Garden Groom and Garden Groom Pro

Keep your landscaping looking great, without breaking your back!

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Garden Groom Midi from firstSTREET


Brand new for 2011, the Garden Groom is a unique new device which makes quick work of overgrown shrubs and hedges. With a built in collection container, all clippings are neatly and conveniently stored. Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to come behind your work with  a rake. The strong 300 watt motor powers its unique scissor-design blades, which are never exposed. As a result, it is much more difficult to cut the electrical cord as well as yourself.

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Garden Groom Midi from firstSTREET


At only 6 pounds, the Midi Size Garden Groom is as light as a feather. The unique enclosed cutting system can handle all types of plants and branches up to 3/8″ in diameter. Featuring a 9 inch cutting area, you will be slicing with the precision of a sculptor.

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Garden Groom Midi from firstSTREET


Clippings are stored in the 5 liter container, but if you have a bigger job ahead of you the included attachment hose connects the unit to a larger collection bag. This included peripheral collection bag holds 10 times more than the onboard container.. You can then easily transport the clippings to your compost pile!

For the ultimate in hedge trimming capacity, the Garden Groom Pro features the same self-collecting convenience as the Midi size, but features a larger cutting surface. Additionally, the stronger 500 watt motors provides more cutting power, but is only 1.7 lbs  more than the Midi size!

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Garden Groom Pro from firstSTREET

The stronger Garden Groom Pro makes even faster work of your hedges with a larger cutting surface and clipping capacity.  While the Midi can hold up to 500 square feet of trimmings, the Pro can hold up to 700. Additionally, clippings are reduced from 10 to 1 in volume, so they are finely chopped and ready for use in compost piles or as mulch.

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Garden Groom Pro from firstSTREET

With the Garden Groom Midi and Garden Groom Pro, maintaining attractive and healthy hedges are easier than ever. Best of all, your new source of compostable material will benefit your garden as well. The Garden Groom is a great gift idea for those who would enjoy a simpler way to maintain their household!


Jitterbug Cell Phone

A revolution in cell phone simplicity

Cells phones today have gotten so complex that for some people, they just are not practical.
If you’ve experienced frustration using a cell phone because of small buttons, hard-to-read numbers, low volume levels, or complex features, you should take a closer look at the Jitterbug cell phone.

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Jitterbug Cell Phone from firstSTREET

A Cell Phone That’s Easier to See, Easier to Hear, and Easier to Use

During its creation, the Jitterbug phone was engineered specifically for seniors, making it an ideal option to anyone who is seeking a cell phone with simpler functions, larger buttons, larger numbers on the screen and dial-pad, and loud and clear conversations.

Cell phones for seniors can be found on our site, firstSTREET Online. The Jitterbug cell phone is the phone of choice for seniors. The large, individual buttons are easy to see and use, especially in the dark. A large, high-contrast display screen shows reduces eye strain. Integrated, powerful speakers overcome background noise so your conversations are always loud and clear.

The Jitterbug phone delivers the features you need, and the call quality you want:

  • Large phone buttons
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and to your ear
  • No confusing menus
  • Separate on/off button
  • Loud, clear voice volume
  • Live operator to assist you 24/7
  • No complicated contracts
  • Pay-as-you-go plan

A Simplified Cell Phone, Together with a Calling Plan to Serve the Needs of Seniors

Jitterbug’s  is an affordable and flexible cell phone solution for seniors, because it’s pay-as-you-go. This eliminates long-term contracts and pre-paid commitments, just pay for what you need and nothing more.

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Jitterbug Cell Phone from firstSTREET

Helpful, Convenient, and Affordable Service

Simply dial ‘0’ to reach a live Jitterbug operator 24-hours a day. You will be greeted by name, and can connect to calls or acces directory assistance. Assistance can also activate remotely or deactivate any feature you wish.

This phone is the ideal solution for those who want the safety and convenience of a cell phone, without the stress of having to learn a complicated device. The Jitterbug is the simplest, most affordable phone for seniors.

Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids and Grandkids

Unique toys and gifts children and grandchildren will love!

Whether you are shopping for your own children, your nieces or nephews, or grandchildren, keep in mind that the most practical Christmas gifts should entertain and educate far into the future. Although it might seem like just plain fun for kids, but play time is also important for developing lifelong skills such as sharing, problem solving, and teamwork. When you recall your own early years and the memorable gifts your enjoyed, think of the lasting enjoyment brought not only for you, but for others in your life. Gift giving is especially enjoyable when you can be confident the item will be a hit!

Below, we’ve put together a list of our most creative and unique gifts for kids found on firstSTREET online. Specifically, they were selected for their value, quality, and practicality – not the over-promoted, low-value junk you see in most toy stores or websites.

Jumbo Plush Animals

Around Christmas, retail stores can quickly turn into a zoo!  So relax at home while shopping for online christmas gifts, and then create your own Plush Animal zoo for  your kids on Christmas morning! There is a lion, striped tiger, giraffe, panda or teddy bear. All of the animals are highly detailed and carefully constructed to endure the toughest play times for years to come.

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Jumbo Plush Animals

Kids love oversized animals; the striped tiger and the lion measure five feet from nose to paw, the giraffe is more than four feet tall, and the plush panda and teddy bears are over two feet!  These animals make a perfect gift for kids in your life, as well as a safe and practical accessory for your children’s playroom.

Jumbo Floor Puzzles

For truly big fun, our Jumbo Floor Puzzles are the perfect activity for children. From our experience, children will play for hours, over and over again with these entertaining, challenging, and satisfying puzzles. The pieces are specifically designed to be used on the floor- where kids love to be! Large in size and substantially thicker than regular puzzle pieces, they are easy for little fingers to handle and very hard for them to lose. Additionally, the puzzles are specially coated so you won’t have to worry about sticky fingers or spilled messes ruining the pieces – they’ll wipe clean easily time after time. All the puzzles are very colorful and a lot of fun to assemble. There’s a wide selection of scenes and themes to choose from: Alphabet Train, Fairytale Castle, Giant Fire Truck, Dinosaurs, USA Map and Safari.

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Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET

unique, gift, gifts, idea, christmas, holiday, kids, children, grandchildren, toys

Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET

unique, gift, gifts, idea, christmas, holiday, kids, children, grandchildren, toys

Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET


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Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET

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Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET


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Jumbo Floor Puzzles from firstSTREET


“Who are Zibits,” you may be asking yourself. Introducing Dinc, Spex, and Gunk, the coolest band of robots from the planet Z-7. While other dynamic and unique life forms come from Planet Z-7, none are as fun and entertaining as the Zibits crew.

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Zibits from firstSTREET

These micro-sized remote-control robots light up, move in all directions, spin and turn at 360° – and emit fun, futuristic sound effects! Each Zibit comes with an individual story about its life, friends, and responsibilities on planet Z-7. Zibits are a wonderful Christmas gifts for kids; they inspire creative, imaginative play all day long.

Portable Digital Music Player

Now you and your family can enjoy your favorite music on this retro 1980’s-style boom box! Although it might look “old-school” on the outside, it is equipped with the latest 21st century audio technology. Your kids can record their favorite music directly from this radio to MP3 without the need for a computer.

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Portable Digital Music Player from firstSTREET

It can also be used as an AM/FM radio, bookshelf stereo, or even an iPod or MP3 player! The integrated iPod mount protect it while reading its files. The retro style boom box is unique gift for kids … amazing audio quality wrapped in a classic retro design!

Plush Animated Bank

Introducing two of childhood’s most memorable objects combined into one! Our Plush Animated Bank is a fun way for kids to learn the value of saving. Each time a coin is inserted into the bank enthusiastic animal sounds and movements are made. The dog wags its tail, yips, and barks, while the Pig wiggles his ears, squeals and grunts. The Plush Animated Bank is the perfect gift for kids because it teaches them lifelong skills in the guise of entertainment.

unique, gift, gifts, idea, christmas, holiday, kids, children, grandchildren, toysunique, gift, gifts, idea, christmas, holiday, kids, children, grandchildren, toys

Plush Animated Bank from firstSTREET


Affordable Hearing Amplification

Achieve superior personal amplification while saving thousands of dollars and countless hours in a doctor’s office!

Hearing impairment is often a gradual process, and and can be very difficult to notice changes until someone close to them points it out. If you or someone you know is turning up the volume on the TV, asking people to speak louder, or shying away from social situations, you should consider a personal sound amplifier product (PSAP).

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Neutronic Ear from firstSTREET Online


Hearing loss is not an uncommon condition, and one in ten Americans experience it (that’s approximately 28 million people.) And as the Baby Boomers get older, the number of people with hearing impairments are expected to double.

The Neutronic Ear® is a personal sound amplifier that significantly increases the quality of life for people suffering from hearing impairments. Designed by a forward-thinking audiologist, the purpose of its design is so everyone could have access to affordable micro-digital hearing technology.

A hearing amplification device so small and lightweight you won’t even notice it.

The Neutronic Ear feels natural, comfortable and is virtually invisible. It’s so comfortable in fact that you’ll probably forget you have it on … except when you’ll be able to hear again.

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Neutronic Ear from firstSTREET Online

Advantages of the Neutronic Ear:

  • It gives you the power to amplify sounds
  • Quality construction
  • Features the latest technology in micro-digital hearing
  • It’s has adjustable volume control
  • No tests or office visits are required
  • It’s ready to use right out of the box

It is an amazing event when you listen to sounds that you haven’t heard in a long time, such as birds singing, soft music, and the voices of the ones you love. To discover all these things and more, get a Neutronic Ear from firstSTREET Online.

With a personal sound amplification product, you’ll experience better relationships with family and friends, higher self-esteem, improved mental health, and greater independence and security.

Enhance Senior Mobility with a Bath Lift Chair

Promote safety and independence with a modern Bath Lift

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Bath Lift from firstSTREET Online

Worrying about getting bumps and bruises from the getting in or out of the bath tub is no fun! Bathing time should be calm,  relaxing, and stress-free. Don’t let this time for tranquility turn into anything other that that. If you find the potential hazards of entering or exiting the bath tub a burden, The Archimedes Bath Lift Chair® may be the perfect solution for you.

unique, gift, gifts, safety, bath, lift, bathroom

Bath Lift from firstSTREET

Since bathing is an essential part of your day, it is crucial to be able to enter and exit the tub safely. The battery powered bath lift chair is designed to safely lower you in and out of tub without any exposed wires or connections to outlets. This is an affordable alternative to a walk-in bath, which might require expensive remodeling. Its lightweight design allows for easy storage when company arrives, and is even for traveling. The reclining bathtub lift is makes a great gift for anyone you care about who may experience mobility challenges.

unique, gift, gifts, idea, seniors, grandparents, safety, lift, bath, bath lift

Bath Lift from firstSTREET

Do chronic back or knee pain, arthritis or other injuries prevented you or a loved one from safely entering and exiting the bath tub? Featuring a wide seat, high backrest and folding transfer flaps, this bath tub lift gives you the ability to get into and out of the tub with a new peace of mind. Easy operation is within reach via an ergonomically-designed hand control, featuring clearly marked “up” and “down”  buttons. Additionally, an automatic safety system won’t operate the lift unless there is enough battery charge to return back out of the tub.

unique, gift, gifts, safety, idea, seniors, grandparents, mom, dad, bath, lift

Bath Lift from firstSTREET Online

After setting up your bath tub lift chair,  freedom and confidence will becomes yours again. With a bath lift, you can start each and every day with worry-free bathing time.