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The rise of personal computer use by Senior Citizens

September 9, 2010

A recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (located here) stated that seniors (65+) who have access to the internet utilize it to almost the same degree as younger demographics. Of the seniors in the study, 72% answered they used the internet daily, close to the measured 77% rate of the 50-64 year old group. The study takes note of the low rate of seniors who sign up as new customers for broadband access. However, when the internet is readily available, seniors use it to do research and connect through social media. The ability to reconnect has never been easier than with the social media sites we have today, and these forgotten relationships are rekindled as people move into the later stages of their life. Overall, the Pew report notes that 64% of all social media users have utilized it to find people from their past. Additionally, half of social media users over age 50 had been contacted by people from their past.

Perhaps the move to the internet by senior citizens just needed the right motivation. The ability to connect and stay connected is driving more older adults online everyday. At firstSTREET, we believe staying connected to friends and family (and to us!) is important to people, especially those entering their later years. To ease the transition in your “digital life”, we now offer a specialized, worry-free personal computer. We understand that learning how to use a computer takes time and plenty of patience, and can certainly be confusing. That is precisely why we are introducing this innovative  new product.

The new designed for seniors GO computer features a large-letter keyboard, a trackball mouse with 200% zoom capability, and other hardware modifications useful to seniors. On the inside, the GO computer’s operating system is a brand new design. Built around the “GO” screen functionality, users have an easier time executing programs and completing tasks. Customer support for the GO computer is available instantly via telephone.

By introducing this worry-free product, we hope to facilitate our customers’ ability to reconnect and stay connected with those they care about.

For more information on the GO computer, please visit our website.

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