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Innovations for the Digital Senior

September 16, 2010

Unique and innovate gadgets for today’s savvy senior

While you may not see elders rattling out text messages like adolescents do, today’s seniors are more technologically savvy than ever.  Pastimes such as reading a book, going through photo albums, and listening to music are just a few of the activities we have always loved to do. Recent innovation makes these endeavors easier, more enjoyable, and of higher quality than ever before.

For example, we all love to hear and tell stories about our family and friends while looking at their pictures. Depth and meaning of the events are more easily remembered, and rest well in our minds when we can associate faces with them. Children especially like to hear stories about their parents and family members (while giggling about their funny haircuts of course).

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Now it is possible to digitally record speech, and pair it to pictures with the Photo Album Storyteller. The Storyteller assigns a barcode to each picture, and allows you to record a caption or story for each one. This photo album makes it possible to listen to the corresponding information for a specific photo, perhaps learning who is present, where it was taken, or what the occasion is. The album’s audio recordings can be exported to your PC, making it easy to back up the files. This is especially great for those living a great distance from their loved ones by making their voice to be heard instantly.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad, birthday

Have you ever wondered what to do about that old box of records?  Audio conversion is simple and fast with the LP Saver CD Recorder. It looks like a classic record player, but functions as a compact 21st century recording studio. Convert your records and cassette tapes to CDs, and enjoy your music collection once again by making it portable and compatible with today’s home entertainment standards.  This not only records your media, but can function as a stereo system as well by delivering high quality sound and digital (CD-R/RW) readability. For those with a substantial cassette tape collection, we also offer the Tapewriter transfer unit, which converts cassette tapes into digital MP3s for your PC, Mac, or portable MP3 player.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad, birthday, recorder, album

Vinyl LP to CD Converter from firstSTREET Online

Unfortunately, much of the music produced on record was never made available on CD. The LP Saver CD Recorder is a great way to regain your music collection into an easy to use format. LP recorders are also a great way to preserve the record while still being able to listen to its contents. On a classic turntable, records are worn down very slowly due to the contact between them and the needle.  After using the LP recorder, the needle will never again have to touch the record again while your music stays easily accessible. For this reason, LP recorders are ideal devices for listeners and collectors alike.

Since happiness and relaxation is the ultimate goal, here at firstSTREET we not only carry products designed to promote safety but entertainment as well. Come see our inventory of unique gadgets for the Digital Senior in your life today, and become a Facebook fan to receive free shipping and other limited time offers!

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  1. No … way. That Photo Album Storyteller sounds absolutely fantastic. What a unique gift. I have got to check that out. Glad to run across this blog! I know a few people the products on your site might be perfect for. I’m ready to go shopping …

    • Leigh, if you become a Facebook fan, you’ll receive 1/2 price shipping on your order. You have a very informative blog, and I look forward to reading more of your content!

  2. This is an excellent suggestion. Keeping memories alive is so important to a community and for the wellbeing of your people. Supporting local arts & crafts is also good as it preserves hard learned skills alive and helps your $ at home.

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