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October 28, 2010

Could you be getting a better night’s sleep? According to the Mayo Clinic, one third of adults experience insomnia at some point in their life. Of course, there are varying degrees of severity, from complete lack of sleep to waking up many times in a night. It is recommended that medication is never a long term solution, but rather temporary. At firstSTREET, we provide excellent alternatives to potentially dangerous medications, so  you and your loved ones can safely get the rest they deserve. (Click on the products to learn more about them)

For example, the Night Wave gently helps you to sleep by teaching your body how to relax. Using only  the projection of a soft blue luminescence, the pulse of light mimics your breathing. When the user aligns their own breathing with the pulsation of light, they can comfortably drift off to sleep without distraction. Once asleep, the Night Wave shuts off automatically.

unique, gift, gifts, sleep, sleeping, aid, insomnia

Nightwave from firststreet

Sleepcoach is an instructional DVD designed to help teach yourself to sleep better and overcome insomnia over a three week period. The program comes with a workbook to help you track your progress as well. Additionally, we carry the popular sleep guidebook A Goodnight’s Sleep by Jan Sadler. This book teaches readers how to break the patterns of insomnia and reduce the need for sleeping pills. It offers a number of helpful suggestions on overcoming insomnia through visualization, breathing, and meditation techniques, as well as mental and physical exercises that quiet the “mental chatter” that can keep you awake.

unique, gift, gifts, sleep, sleeping, aid, aids, insomnia

SleepCoach from firstSTREET Online

unique, gift, gifts, sleep, sleeping, aid, aids, insomnia

A Good Night's Sleep from firstSTREET Online

Of course, our extensive line of mattress and pillow accessories are sure to help you rest. The world famous memory foam is here, and even a new version specifically designed to cool faster than the traditional memory foam. These bed enhancers are a great way to make you feel like a million bucks, at a fraction of the price. We even carry a pillow that stays the perfect temperature throughout the night, not too hot, not too cold!

unique, gift, gifts, mattress, bed, bedding, sleep, memory, foam

Memory Foam Mattress Topper from firstSTREET

unique, gift, gifts, sleep, pillow, mattress, firstSTREET

TempAssure Pillow from firstSTREET Online

Balanced Temperature Memory Foam

We also carry other innovative items like the Mattress Genie, a simple way to turn any traditional bed into an adjustable one. A heavy duty inflatable pillow rests under the mattress, and can be inflated or deflated quickly to gain the perfect angle for reading a book, watching TV, or sleeping on an incline. We even have something for the most finicky of sleepers, the Foot Free Pillow!

unique, gift, gifts, sleep, pillow, mattress, firstSTREET

Mattress Genie from firstSTREET

Thanks for reading, and Click Here to see our entire line of Sleep Aids. For you Facebook Fans, we have something very special coming in the near future. If you’re not a Facebook Fan, sign up today so you don’t miss a beat!

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