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Gifts for Mothers and Grandmothers

November 25, 2010

Gift for Mothers and Grandmothers

Looking for the perfect gift for that special woman in your life? Why not indulge her with creative and innovative products she never expected and won’t soon forget. These items aren’t sold on TV informercials, and won’t be found in a mall. Below are some of the unique items that are sure to please her this holiday season, or any time of year! Click on the photos to learn more.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

The book pillow is specifically shaped to prop up a book, magazine or even your E-Reader or iPad. Comfortable and compact enough to use anywhere, whether at home or on the go. Most book holders are designed for a table or desk, but with the soft Book Pillow you can place the book on any surface, even yourself!

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

The Total Chef Infrared Cooking system is the oven of the future. Utilizing infrared, convection, and conduction heating methods in one unit, you can prepare meals in a fraction of the time it takes in a traditional oven. By cooking from the inside out, food stays moist and doesn’t dry out. The Total Chef Infrared Cooking System produces flavorful, succulent meat, poultry, fish and vegetable dishes and promotes healthier eating, since (1) you cook and seal in the juices without adding fats, or oils and (2) you don’t have to defrost foods before cooking.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Another excellent kitchen gadget is the Electric Peeler, facilitating effortless one-touch peeling. The high performance oscillating blade makes this peeler super-efficient, and  the ergonomic grip is excellent for arthritis sufferers. Features a safety blade cover to prevent accidents, and includes four AA batteries.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Another great item is our Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. This amazing jewelry cleaner can efficiently clean jewelry, dentures, eyeglasses, pens, and more! Using ultrasonic waves, the dirt and grime are gently lifted off the surface of your jewelry, just like a professional cleaner. The LED indicator tells you when its finished, and features a 16oz reservoir for cleaning solution. Help her preserve and protect her jewelry collection with a state of the art Ultrasonic Cleaner!

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

What better way to give instant relaxation than with her own personal Soothing Lavender Spa Set? This aromatherapy set accommodates hot and cold therapy for the feet, eyes, and the whole body. Just wrap your shoulders in the plush cloth and relax; and relieve your sore, tired feet by easing them into the non-slip slippers.Tired eyes can be soothed with the soft eye wrap, and your whole being will calm and unwind with the soothing aroma of real lavender flowers.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

A great combination of form and function comes in the form of our Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire. Made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a birch veneer in cherry finish, this armoire is as attractive as it is practical. The central doors open up to reveal a mirror, and feature multiple storage hooks. Additionally, four spacious drawers below accomodate items like bracelets, earrings, and pins. Convenient wall mount makes it possible to mount over dressers and other furniture, while also preserving space on their surfaces.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Keep your feet healthy and manicured without stooping, bending, or straining to reach with the “Reach Your Feet” Pedi System. Featuring 8 interchangeable attachments, this product makes it easy to clip  toenails, pumice away calluses, scrape dead skin, apply lotions – perfect for those who have trouble reaching. Features an LED light and an extra-long reaching handle!

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

We have a variety of women’s watches, including the Talking Pendant watch. These fashionable pendant watches are instantly accessible and feature large, easy-to-read numbers. At the touch of a button, the current time is spoken in a clear voice making this item both practical and sophisticated.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

The Rhinestone Fashion Watch is an elegant, thin, jewel-encircled watch with a fashionably large face, easy-to-read numbers, and beautiful styling. The bands are noteworthy, too – with a choice of black patent, or the bronzy tortoise-shell number! Also available without jewels in a bangle-style blue band.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

The Adjustable Magnifying Mirror is always a hit. The dual sided mirror features a 5X magnification and a normal mirror, both glare free and illuminated. This cordless unit is battery operated for maximum portability and freedom from additional wires. The adjustable height makes it perfect for a variety of uses and applications!

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

The Deluxe EZ Strap Walking shoes may look like traditional walking shoes, but are by no means standard walking shoes. Featuring WaveSpring technology, these shoes return energy to the wearer with every step – energy that is otherwise lost. This technology brings science to footwear, allowing you in a very real sense to recycle your own energy. These shoes literally and figuratively put a spring in your step!

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Featuring the same WaveSpring technology are the EZ Strap Walking shoes, the Spira Casual Walkers come wrapped in a modern design with a breathable upper and laces. It has a slip-resistant sole and a single spring in the heel It’s designed to be comfortable and “broken in” from the moment you first put it on. Proper footwear can reduce stress on the back, knees, and other body parts that may be sensitive in older adults. Sprira shoes make it easy to be comfortable whether you are exercising in the gym or relaxing at home!

These are just some of the unique items and gifts for women.

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  1. You give me a cooking tool for Christmas and I will give it back to you:>)

    Love some of the other ideas- but couldn’t figure out how to get to the wallet in your next article. I took that as a funny way of advertising a wallet that cannot be taken!

  2. Hi Janette,

    There is a link on the bottom of the wallet article which brings you to its page on our website. Thanks for reading!

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