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TV Ears 2

January 15, 2011

TV Ears 2: The Ultimate Solution for mild Hearing Impairment

Do you or a loved one have impaired hearing? When enjoying movies or television, is additional or unwanted volume levels necessary? Introducing the TV Ears 2, one of the best personal amplifiers on the market. In fact, this product is so successful that engineers went back to the drawing board to enhance the amplification and audio processing for the TV Ears 2.

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TV Ears 2

This personal listening device allows you to set the volume to your own personal level, no matter how loud or soft the actual volume of the multimedia may be. In this regard, each listening experience is customized for the listener by facilitating full control over audio amplification and tones. The newest model features Television Audio Processing (TAP) to dynamically enhance sounds like soft whispers and dialogue, while reducing background noise. The TV Ears 2 has a maximum volume of 120dB; almost three times the maximum volume of competing personal amplifiers!

unique, gift, gifts, hearing, aid, impairment, tv ears, tv ears 2

TV Ears 2

TV Ears 2 also features a new frequency, absent from the previous models. This feature allows for better performance in the presence of fluorescent lighting and with plasma televisions for a stronger, clearer signal. Additionally, the TV Ears 2 is outfitted with brand new ear tips made of self-forming foam to gently conform to the shape of your ear. This provides maximum comfort while delivering enhanced sound perception. The TV Ears 2 is a rechargeable unit so there are no batteries required, and the recharging base station can accomodate two sets of amplifiers.

See the video below and visit our website to learn more about the TV Ears 2 from firstSTREET Online!

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