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The Lighted Full Page Magnifier

March 23, 2011

A practical, hands-free magnifier

Have you ever been frustrated by the inability read the small print in instruction manuals, the Sunday newspaper, or even on a cereal box? Are your eye glasses just not powerful enough? As we age our vision is one of the first senses that we notice rapidly changing. When the strain of holding a magnify glass over your favorite news column, or constantly looking for your reading glasses to read simple instructions has become bothersome, a more consistent and practical reading tool like a powerful reading magnifier maybe the right solution for you.

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Lighted Full Page Magnifier from firstSTREET Online

A convenient full page lighted magnifier provides lighted magnification with flexible adjustability and vivid, full-spectrum illumination. With a large viewing area, approximately 10 inches long by 7 inches wide, this magnifier is great for a wide range of applications. The flexible gooseneck focuses the light to exactly where you need it most, especially for those close-up projects that require intense concentration, such as quilting.

unique, gift, gifts, magnifier, magnifying, lamp, light

Full Page Magnifier from firstSTREET

The lighted full page magnifier allows for hands free operation, allowing you to complete daily hobbies and household projects with ease. Twelve high-powered LEDs provide ample light for working at night and in dim environments.

unique, gift, gifts, magnifier, lamp, magnifying, glass, light

Full Page Magnifier from firstSTREET Online

The best features of this magnifying lamp are that it’s lightweight, fully adjustable and easy to use. The large on/off button is simple to find and press, even in the dark. The silver and black housing effortlessly fist in with any home décor, and its slim design allows it to be easily tucked away behind other furniture or out of sight in a storage closet. Next time you find yourself squinting and straining your eyes to read instructions or thread a needle– reach for your unique magnifier lamp for seniors, instead of your eye glasses.

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