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Bathroom Mobility Solutions

March 30, 2011

Increase bathroom safety with a toilet lift

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Neptune Toilet Lift from firstSTREET

As we age, injuries and mobility problems can form obstacles within our daily routines. If you or a loved one experiences trouble maneuvering on and off the toilet, independent living and privacy can seem impossible. After a hospital visit or rehabilitation, a caregiver is often the primary means of care for the person in need. In many situations, an elevated toilet seat riser is often viewed as a blessing for both the caregiver and the person in need of assistance.

unique, gifts, gifts, safety, grandparents, seniors, elderly

Neptune Toilet Lift from firstSTREET

By reproducing the natural motion of the body, the Neptune® toilet lift seat gently lowers and raises you on and off the toilet, with just the flip of a switch. You and your loved ones can enjoy a newfound peace of mind, as the toilet lift seat is 100% battery rechargeable and presents absolutely no electrical hazards. The easily operated switch is built into one of the arms, and two rechargable batteries provide a backup that can always be charged outside of the bathroom.

unique, toilet, lift, gift, gifts, seniors, elderly, bathroom, safety

Neptune Toilet Lift from firstSTREET

How does such an innovative device fit into a bathroom? Less expensive than installing handrails in your home bathroom, the lift fits securely over your commode and blends in well with a variety of bathroom décor. The lift is simple to dismantle too, making it also easy to clean. Incredibly, the weight limit is 350 lbs., yet it only weighs approximately 40 lbs. The simple design and light weight make it wonderfully easy to store away when company comes to visit.

neptune, toilet, lift, safety, bathroom, seniors, elderly, gift

Neptune Toilet Lift from firstSTREET Online

Caring for elderly family members is one of the best ways to show you care about them. Allowing them to re-discover their independence and confidence strengthens your relationship, and boosts their overall state of mind. Consider a Neptune® toilet seat lift for seniors as an indispensable tool for enabling independence for your elderly loved ones.

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