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Enhance Senior Mobility with a Bath Lift Chair

April 5, 2011

Promote safety and independence with a modern Bath Lift

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Bath Lift from firstSTREET Online

Worrying about getting bumps and bruises from the getting in or out of the bath tub is no fun! Bathing time should be calm,  relaxing, and stress-free. Don’t let this time for tranquility turn into anything other that that. If you find the potential hazards of entering or exiting the bath tub a burden, The Archimedes Bath Lift Chair® may be the perfect solution for you.

unique, gift, gifts, safety, bath, lift, bathroom

Bath Lift from firstSTREET

Since bathing is an essential part of your day, it is crucial to be able to enter and exit the tub safely. The battery powered bath lift chair is designed to safely lower you in and out of tub without any exposed wires or connections to outlets. This is an affordable alternative to a walk-in bath, which might require expensive remodeling. Its lightweight design allows for easy storage when company arrives, and is even for traveling. The reclining bathtub lift is makes a great gift for anyone you care about who may experience mobility challenges.

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Bath Lift from firstSTREET

Do chronic back or knee pain, arthritis or other injuries prevented you or a loved one from safely entering and exiting the bath tub? Featuring a wide seat, high backrest and folding transfer flaps, this bath tub lift gives you the ability to get into and out of the tub with a new peace of mind. Easy operation is within reach via an ergonomically-designed hand control, featuring clearly marked “up” and “down”  buttons. Additionally, an automatic safety system won’t operate the lift unless there is enough battery charge to return back out of the tub.

unique, gift, gifts, safety, idea, seniors, grandparents, mom, dad, bath, lift

Bath Lift from firstSTREET Online

After setting up your bath tub lift chair,  freedom and confidence will becomes yours again. With a bath lift, you can start each and every day with worry-free bathing time.

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