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Orthotic Footwear from firstSTREET

April 28, 2011

Whole-body comfort starts with happy feet!

Treat your feet to the relaxation and comfort they need after a long day. If you have shin, heel, or knee pain, or even arthritic feet and ankles, these specially designed shoes and slippers are just for you. Here are some of the slippers and walking shoes for men and women, each one designed specifically  to relieve pressure and pain throughout your lower body.

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The Benefit of Orthotic Shoes

Unisex Orthotic Slides 

When your done with outdoor activities, exercising, and sports therapies, your feet are as tired as could be. Slip on these orthopedic slides and your feet will instantly be surrounded by soft, supportive cushioning. Featuring a built in motion controlling footbed, the deep heel cup provides support and aligns your legs to their natural position.

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Unisex Orthotic Slides from firstSTREET

 Lightweight and flexible, these slippers are designed for both men and women. A padded, adjustable upper provides a comfortable, custom fit. The sole features a highly tactile tread for maximum traction over a variety of surfaces. Best of all, the unique built-in angles and contours gently align your body into the proper position, alleviating pressure points. A “his and her” pair of Unisex Orthotic Slides make a great Christmas gift for grandparents!

Women’s Orthotic Slippers

For the indoors, these specially designed slippers provide so much support and comfort, you’ll never want to leave the house! The 100% polyester terry cloth material is soft and durable, and each slipper can be adjusted with a hook-and-loop closure. If you have flat feet, or experience ankle or knee pain, these slippers were made for you. Orthopedic angles and contours ensure for proper support and alignment.

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Women's Orthotic Slides

Men’s Orthotic Walkers

These podiatrist-designed walking shoes relieve foot pain and pressure by providing support for a more natural walking motion. Since feet were designed to walk on uneven surfaces, our feet can develop problems over time as we walk on uniformly flat surfaces. The unique cushion and contours of these shoes support your feet in all the right places, just as the natural ground would do.

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Men's Orthotic Walkers from firstSTREET

Designed to treat a number of conditions including fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel spurs, and pronation. Seniors are most at risk for these types of conditions which are not considered during the design of ordinary shoes.

Women’s Orthotic Walkers

Featuring the same orthotic insoles as the Men’s version, the Women’s Walkers feature distinctive styling. The deep heel cup supports feet, ankles, and lower legs, accommodating for some of the most common conditions experienced by seniors. Durable soles for high traction on a variety of surfaces, and soft fabric lining inside for comfort against your skin. Specially designed angles and contours throughout, owning these shoes is like walking on a cloud.

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Women's Orthotic Walkers from firstSTREET

With the unique orthopedic shoes from firstSTREET, you or your loved ones can enjoy a more natural, pain-free posture and gait.

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