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Gifts for Outdoor Living

April 22, 2011

Unique items to make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable

Whether you’re gardening, enjoying nature, or just relaxing on a sunny day, these selected items from firstSTREET are sure to please. We are constantly adding new products to make life easier, and these are specifically designed to help maintain your yard and garden, and at the same time allowing you, your family, and your friends to enjoy it.

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Garden Groom Midi from firstSTREET

The Garden Groom

The Garden Groom Midi and the Garden Groom Pro are the world’s first self-collecting hedge trimmer. With a unique self-enclosed cutting system, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as well as the chance of accidentally cutting the power cord. At around 6lbs., the Garden Groom is as light as a feather as you move it across your hedges. The Midi Size features a 9″ cutting surface while the Pro size features a 12″ cutting surface. Both models finely chop your trimmings for easy use in a compost pile or for mulch. The Garden Groom makes an excellent gift for people who love to keep their yard looking great.

3-Tier Patio Garden

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad

Patio Garden from firstSTREET

Is your garden space limited? Maybe the residential community doesn’t allow gardening? With this unique multi level system, you can grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers right on your deck or patio. Best of all, there is an integrated root system to help prevent drying out as well as overwatering. Built-in wheels let you move the unit around as the sun’s angle changes. Unique gift for those in apartments and other limited spaces.

EZ Gazebo

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad, outdoors, gazebo

EZ Gazebo from firstSTREET

Rather than spend a fortune on backyard construction, consider this rugged collapsable gazebo. Perfect for entertaining, this no-tools-required gazebo can be set up and put away easily and quickly. The steel powder-coated frame is rust resistant, and will last for many seasons to come. For over 100 square feet of portable, weather resistant space, the EZ Gazebo is what you need!

Metal Folding Bench with Bird Motif

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad, outdoors, gazebo, bench

Metal Folding Bench with Bird Motif

Do you have a perfect spot in your yard or garden for a comfortable and attractive bench? Our uniquely designed folding bench features a classic bird design, and is made to bear the elements. At the end of the season, you can fold it up for easy storage.

Reel Mower

unique, gift, gifts, holiday, christmas, mom, dad, outdoors, mower

Reel Mower from firstSTREET

Introducing an easy-push mower that will almost never need sharpening! In fact, it is estimated to last 8-10 years before it is necessary. With a unique scissor cutting motion, there is less friction against each blade than traditional reel mowers, eliminating the need to sharpen. Featuring a 16″ cutting path and 10″ sturdy wheels, you’ll experience easier mowing than ever before. We also carry the optional grass clipping attachment.

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